CCG Project: 1999 BMW 528i touring

I like BMWs. I like station wagons. I like manual transmissions. Combinations of the three are pretty uncommon, so when I found this 1999 528i touring for sale in January, I picked it up! An E39-chassis station wagon with an extremely rare 5-speed manual, I purchased it for $3200 after finding it on Craigslist in Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve always wanted one of these, so I’ll be putting the time and effort into it to put it together exactly how I’d like.


The car has a stuck fuel gauge, which could be either a bad level sensor, or a bad gauge. The previous owner has just been filling up the 18-gallon tank every 300 miles and resetting the trip odometer, which will work fine for me until I can fix the problem. It came with a detailed service history and is overall in remarkably good shape for its 194k miles; the roughest part is the body, which has its share of scrapes and dents. No significant rust to report, luckily. The interior is also very nice and it drives wonderfully. It even came with an extra set of wheels and tires, as it has Blizzak snow tires currently mounted. I intend to flip the rather pedestrian set that was included for something more sporty. I’ll be posting updates as I work on and drive this German rarity, so stay tuned!


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