Project BMW update: new shoes!

Temperatures have been above freezing for almost three whole days in Wisconsin, so you know what that means…time to put on the summer wheels and tires! Sure, Mother Nature could very well dump another six inches of snow on us in April, but the forecast is in the 50’s for the next few weeks and that’s just fine with me. Besides this thing has traction and stability control…that’s good enough, right?

A simple change of wheels can make a huge difference to the way a car looks, and this 528i touring is no exception. The 15-inch steelies with hubcaps and snow tires did their job exceptionally well in the winter, but looked rather bland. I was always fond of the 17-inch “Style 66” wheels BMW offered on the 540i, so when I found a used set for $400, I happily picked them up. I ordered a set of Sumitomo performance tires from Tire Rack, had them mounted on Saturday, and they were on the car by Sunday evening. A huge improvement, if you ask me!

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