Project Renault update: au revoir, petit GTA

It is with a certain degree of regret, but mostly indifference, that I report the GTA has moved on to a Renault collector in Indiana. You win some, you lose some, and then with others you just sort of poke around with the little time you have before throwing your hands up and asking “why did I buy another project car right now anyway?”

After getting it (mostly) mechanically sorted and fixing the rear quarter damage, life began throwing me curve balls. A new job and impending move made progressing on the project pretty unlikely, while unexpected issues with my daily driver BMW (likely also on the way out of my life) made the presence of a little French convertible project kind of silly right now. It was a neat little distraction, and it cost me nothing other than time (broke 100% even on the sale price, could have had more but I wanted a quick sale).


It sucks that I never got to drive or enjoy it much, but that’s life. I’m proud that I was able to save it from some other hack mechanic or teenager who would have just ruined it or blown it up, if nothing else. But, at the end of it all, I really wanted a hardtop anyway.

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