My Automotive New Year’s Resolution

As 2015 draws to a close, I realize it was not a terribly great year for automotive projects. Attempting the “project daily driver” thing with a high-mileage BMW E39 ended up being a massive failure, and my Renault project didn’t stick around long, although I did successfully rescue it and accomplish everything I set out to do with it. Now that I have a reliable-as-gravity Honda Fit as a daily driver, I’ve thought about what my automotive goals for 2016 should be. And I’ve decided that goal should be to get back out to some track days after my two-plus year absence!


The last event I ran was at Road America in 2013. I had set up the BMW E46 I had at the time with some cooling and braking system upgrades, a nice set of tires and just ran with it. I was probably the third slowest guy out there, next to a Spec Miata and a BMW 128i, but it was a complete blast. Road America is a FAST track with a lot of dramatic corners and I look forward to doing it again, even if it means being a backmarker. I also have Autobahn Country Club and Blackhawk Farms within driving distance, which may be more forgiving to a lower-horsepower car.

What will I get next? Who knows, it will probably come down to whatever I can get a screaming good deal on. Now that I have a daily driver I won’t have to worry about, I can be a little more picky, and also delve deeper into a project without worrying about it getting me to work the next day. I’ve been looking at Mitsubishi Starions/Chrysler Conquests, FWD Audi TTs, SN95 Ford Mustangs and a few other things. I was never much of a brand snob. But regardless of what I get, my automotive New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to get back out there and turn some laps!


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