My name is Desmond Jones, and most gearheads think I’m insane. I’ve owned dozens of vehicles since I was a teenager, and my penchant for the weird and misunderstood obscurities of the automotive world knows no bounds…I have no particular loyalty to any manufacturer and I’m always fascinated by odd or different approaches to motoring. Anybody can drive a Toyota Corolla and anonymously blend into traffic; what fun is that? Give me a Peugeot 405 instead! Life’s an adventure, right? Just learn to approach every trip to the grocery store with the kind of reckless abandon seen in a Mad Max movie, and you’re set! Admittedly, it also helps if you live within walking distance of your employer…

10520292_1445342322406898_777489774_n (1)

Somehow I’ve been doing this for eight years now, and my thirst for new vehicular conquests (and Chrysler Conquests) is as rich as ever. Crap Car Guide is your window into my automotive ADD; hopefully it’s as entertaining for you to read as it is for me to experience!

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