Project BMW update: Expensive Maintenance Likely

Since purchasing the 528it, it would occasionally have the traction control and check engine lights come on along with a small light that simply said “EML.” When this happened, the car would immediately start running rough, stall out, or otherwise become kind of a pain to drive. Initially stopping the car and restarting seemed to solve the problem, but it began occurring with such frequency (and at completely random times) that I had to dive in and fix it. Turns out “EML” stands for “Elektronische Motorleistungsregelung;” translated as “Electronic Engine Power Control,” I soon found out that “Expensive Maintenance Likely” is also a pretty close translation.

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Project BMW update: new shoes!

Temperatures have been above freezing for almost three whole days in Wisconsin, so you know what that means…time to put on the summer wheels and tires! Sure, Mother Nature could very well dump another six inches of snow on us in April, but the forecast is in the 50’s for the next few weeks and that’s just fine with me. Besides this thing has traction and stability control…that’s good enough, right?

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CCG Project: 1999 BMW 528i touring

I like BMWs. I like station wagons. I like manual transmissions. Combinations of the three are pretty uncommon, so when I found this 1999 528i touring for sale in January, I picked it up! An E39-chassis station wagon with an extremely rare 5-speed manual, I purchased it for $3200 after finding it on Craigslist in Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve always wanted one of these, so I’ll be putting the time and effort into it to put it together exactly how I’d like.


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